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Why Smalltalk for JavaScript?

Smalltalk references

Needed Smalltalk features

Tools, parsers, generators etc




Smalltalk to JavaScript translator

Smalltalk references

To Smalltalk or not to Smalltalk - that is here the question

This page is for non-Smalltalkers. Of course, experienced Smalltalkers should skip this page.

This page provides some first and short overview on Smalltalk and a list of references to web sites and pages where further explanations and details can be found.

Links and information about Smalltalk

General description

A very short and good overview page on what Smalltalk is and offers.

Syntax specialities

Iterations using blocks

Java version

Iterator it = myCollection.iterator();
while (it.hasNext())
Myobject anObject = (Myobject);

Smalltalk version

myCollection do: [:anObject | anObject doSomething].

The code inside brackets […] is the block. In this case, the “do:” iterates over all members in myCollection, sets each member to “anObject” and executes the code after the vertical bar inside the block. This is an important and frequently used syntax

Another powerful way of using blocks in Smalltalk is in storing the block in an instance variable:

myInstVar := [:myObj | "here is some code that is executed later"]

This block is data now. It can be passed to other methods. It will finally be executed by sending:

myInstVar value

However, suport for this construct is NOT needed for translation into JavaScript.

Smalltalk overview and teching

Smalltalk index and repository website

This website of is some central linking repository where you will probably find more information than you need.

The second menu on the left titled "Smallalk" will provide you with overviews, learning pages, history and a lot more.

Little Smalltalk tutorial in the browser

This is a nice little tutorial in the browser. Thus, there is no installation needed. However, this is the type of Smalltalk development that we do not want but it's still helpful for some quick playing with the Smalltalk syntax.

Smalltalk syntax

Another overview page can be found here.

Message rules

A compact overview page on the syntax and rules of Smalltalk messages can be found here.

History of Smalltalk

A short overview can be found here.

Smalltalk parser grammar

Can be found here.

The other pages

Smalltalk references
Needed Smalltalk features
Grammar and syntax etc