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Why Smalltalk for JavaScript?

Smalltalk references

Needed Smalltalk features

Tools, parsers, generators etc






Smalltalk to JavaScript translator (only almost finished)

Needed Smalltalk features


Declaration phase/init

List of variables and methods

The translator must provide a list for use by the obfuscatorwith:

These names are used to generate XML instructions for the external JavaScript obfuscator, which also substantially compacts the JS code for run-time.

Some thoughts to discuss

Test cases

Greatest emphasis is placed on test cases using the Xtreme programming methodology. This applies to the translator logic as well as to all extensions of the JavaScript base library.

Not needed Smalltalk syntax

Cascaded messages

These can be excluded. No need to provide this.

Blocks in variables

Additional work outside the translator

This is primarily for information about additional work that will have to be done outside the actual translator project. This is not directly part of the translator but still needed for the overall project. Most of this development work can be delegated to pure JavaScript programmers and therefore this section is only provided for information purposes and for future discussions on details.

Enhanced JavaScript-based library

JavaScript base classes such as String are quite primitive and must be substantially enhanced to become compatible with and support the much more comprehensive Smalltalk classes. Whereever possible, compatible method names will be provided or work-arounds developed.

Refining the generation of Ext JS config data

Ext JS UI components are typically definded by so-called "config" declarations. These are already generated by our Smalltalk code but this should be refined and improved in several details.

The other pages

Smalltalk references
Needed Smalltalk features
Grammar and syntax etc